Online opening at the location of the “Euro Foto Art” International Association

The “Euro Foto Art” International Association (AIEFA) hosted an unprecedented online opening in the conference room of the medieval Princely Palace in Nagyvárad, with the author of the individual online exhibition, the photographer László Jusztin, also attending. The photographer from Vojvodina was accompanied by his colleagues, Attila Barát and István Ördög, photographers from Óbecse, who also made their way to Nagyvárad, the final stop on their Transylvanian tour, for the festive event.

The audience present at the event organized by the Carpathian Basin Hungarian Photographic Society (KMFT) was welcomed by István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP, photographer, the president of AIEFA and vice president of KMFT, who in his speech valued the role of exhibitions organized within the framework of the “DIGI” Gallery – EFA Nagyvárad Romania Exhibition Centre on the Association’s website.

“Our mission is to bring the organized exhibitions as close as possible to the visiting audience. This new virtual form offers the opportunity for interested audiences around the world to view the exhibitions organized in the new virtual space,” said the president of AIEFA and vice president of KMFT.

Following this, the exhibiting photographer thanked the organizers for their efforts in organizing his solo exhibition in this wonderful space of the Nagyvárad citadel. At the opening, the president of AIEFA greeted their colleague, Orsolya Kovács, with a bouquet of flowers on her birthday.

The musical moments of the online opening were provided by the artist József Sándor Thurzó, a representative of the “Duo Sole Fide” group, who performed several works of composers from Serbia, Romania, and Hungary. The opening was broadcast live on the Facebook page of the International Federation.

The virtual exhibition, organized jointly by AIEFA and its partner “Summi Agro Romania”, consisted of 50 black-and-white and colored photos with free themes. Visitors to the exhibition will discover various genres of photography among the exhibited pictures: essay, portrait, landscape, street photography, macro photography, socio-photo, etc. Thanks to the special cooperation between AIEFA and OTL, the traveling audience can also view the exhibition on the screen of public transportation.

László Jusztin’s photo exhibition can be viewed until the end of August 2022 in the EFA DIGI Gallery at, and on the screens of modern transportation tools until August 21, 2022.