The mission of the Hungarian Photographic Society of the Carpathian Basin (KMFT)

The mission of the Hungarian Photographic Society of the Carpathian Basin (KMFT) is to unify and support within organized frameworks the graduates of the online technical and photographic art course organized in 2021 by the “Euro Foto Art” International Association of Nagyvárad and the Carpathian Basin Institute Nonprofit Ltd. of Várpalota, and, upon request, other Hungarian amateur and professional photographers. Its further goal is to popularize photographic art; to teach photographic knowledge; to preserve its values; to search for talent; to nurture it; to support photographic creative activity; to immortalize and disseminate Hungarian national values at an artistic level.

Activities of our Photographic Society


For us, photography is both a way of life and a profession, as several members of our creative community work full time in photography. We want to show the world how we, the people of the Carpathian Basin, see the Carpathian Basin and the events of the world.

Book publishing

With our publications, we aim not only to strengthen the professional level of our creative community but also to promote the Carpathian Basin region. We see fantastic and untapped potential in the fact that we have managed to gather our creators from every part of the Carpathian Basin.

Creative camps

Our goal is to keep our community continuously active, for which the creative camps organized at least annually are indispensable. This is beneficial for several reasons: they encourage creation, learning, and exchange of experiences, and tighter friendships are formed.

News from KMFT

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