András Ótos

András Ótos


András Ótos was born in 1963 in Novi Sad, where he also completed his schooling. He was already in kindergarten, when his father, András Ótos, a teacher, introduced him to photography and filmmaking. As a primary and secondary school student, he was a twelve-time national winner in the filmmaking category of the small technicians’ competition organised in the former Yugoslavia. He later won numerous awards as a photographer and filmmaker. He graduated from high school in electrical engineering in Novi Sad, then enrolled at the Polytechnic College in Nagybecskerek, but when he was offered the opportunity to work for the Magyar Szó in 1984, he did not finish his studies, but became a permanent photojournalist for the editorial staff. He followed all major political and sporting events. During the war years of the 1990s, he photographed in Serbia, Croatia and Kosovo. In Hungary and France, he exhibited his war photos in a joint exhibition with László Dormán. He was awarded the Forum Prize for his pictures. In 1989 he won the Tanjug Special Prize for his sports photography. Since the establishment of Duna Television, he has worked with several journalists as a cameraman and editor, reporting for editorial offices abroad. It also works in partnership with the MTI TV station.

Cooperation with BLUMBERG Tv.

Between 2006-2007 he was an accredited correspondent for the Swiss TV station DRS.

András Ótos accompanied refugees from Miratovac, the Serbian-Macedonian border, to Sid, the Serbian-Croatian border, with his camera. He has also been in Dimitrovgrad, at the Serbian-Bulgarian border, but also in Passau, Germany, which is no longer in the Balkans, and in Austria, at the reception centre in Salzburg.

András Ótos, trained as an experienced photographer in the Balkan wars (the break-up of the former Yugoslavia), was able to capture moments that many photographers overlook.

During these times, he collaborates with a photo agency in German Ostrava.

His photos are published in the media in Belgrade, Croatia, Hungary… He is a staff photographer of the Hungarian MTI photo agency.

His favourite photography is sports and music.

For the last 7 years he has been the photographer of the President of the House of Representatives of Vojvodina.



Jubilee award for his exemplary work on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Hungarian Television’s Editorial Office Beyond the Border.

Cooperation with the German photo agency EPA in 2017.

Brassai 2017 press photo:

2nd prize in the event photography category

2nd prize in the category of action photography

1st prize in the sports photography category

Brassai 2019 press photo:

1st prize in sports photography category

Brassai 2021 pond photo:

Documentary photo category 1. place

His greatest achievement,according to him,is his daughter as the 3rd generation in the family,graduated from the Academy of Arts in Cinematography and continues her father’s path as a photographer and cinematographer.

He is a member of the Hungarian Association of Sports Photographers.

Member of the World Federation of Hungarian Photographers.

He is currently the head of the photo department of the Magyar Szó.

As András sees the world around him