Andrea Fórián

Fórián Andrea


I live in Oradea, in the Partium, I graduated from the Euro Foto Art technical and photographic course in 2018, and over the last few years I have developed a vision and a favourite subject that I like to turn to. So, photographing the interiors of churches and showing the details has become one of my passions. Combining the imagery of the churches with the Word revealed, so that each image becomes a “photogram”. I have had two solo exhibitions on this theme, entitled Church Photograms, within the Euro Foto Art Association. My aim is to create “sacred photography” as a genre, because I am convinced that only a photographer who understands what he sees and can put it into the light through the lens of humility, can photograph a church with an artistic eye and then present it to the viewer as an impression.
The resulting photograph thus has everything: a religious spirit, faith, the presence of the transcendent, and praise for the God!

As Andrea sees the world around her