“My Settlement” album launch in Tokyo

The international photo art exhibition titled “Landscapes and People of Romania and Japan” was opened at the Hiltopia Art Square Gallery in Tokyo on October 5, 2022, with István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP, president of the Euro Foto Art International Association (EFANE), in attendance.

During his one-week stay, he visited the Tokyo Photo Art Museum and met with its president Sekiji Kazuko, the chief curator, as well as Ahikiko Tamura and the executive director of the Japan Industrial Chamber Institute and Photo Museum. During the meeting, they agreed that albums published by the Oradea EFA Publisher should be included in the permanent collection of the Tokyo Photo Art Museum, including the photo art album “My Settlement”.

At the closing ceremony held in the restaurant of the Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku, he received the certificate of honor from the Japan Photo Art Federation from its president, the photo artist Yoshikazu Aoki. As the vice president of the Carpathian Basin Hungarian Photographic Society (KMFT), he held a two-hour Hungarian-language workshop for the members of the club led by Ryuichi Tazaki, a photo artist from Yokohama, president of the Japan Danube Photo Club. The Japanese translation was provided by the son of the president of the Yokohama Photo Club, club member Tazaki Katsya.

During the meeting, the vice president of the KMFT presented the photo art album “My Settlement” published by the Oradea Euro Foto Art Publisher to the participants. Answering questions from the attendees, István Tóth, the photo artist, introduced the Carpathian Basin photo course he leads, which was attended by 100 photography enthusiasts in 2021 from Vojvodina, Transylvania, Upper Hungary, Subcarpathia, Hungary, and Partium, and then gave a copy of the album to each participant.