Exhibition opening of the graduates and the lecturer of the online photography course in Szeged

The ceremonial opening of the exhibition Master and His Disciples took place on Saturday, 26 March at 12 noon in the lobby of the Southland House, part of the Hungarian Houses Network in Szeged. The exhibition presented the works of the Carpathian Basin online technical and photography course 101 graduates, led by István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP, Oradea-based photographer, as well as the images selected for the occasion from the celebrated photographer’s jubilee exhibition.

The event was attended by more than 35 graduates from Hungary, Upper Hungary, Transylvania, Partium and Southern Hungary. The Transcarpathian photographers were unable to attend the event due to well-known reasons.

The audience was welcomed by István Stanik, the professional director of the Hungarian Houses, who thanked the participants for attending the historic event and István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP photographer for the exemplary organisation of the course. Afterwards, the celebrated Oradea photographer presented the exhibited works, and with a bouquet of flowers he thanked the event organiser, Ferenc Török, for his selfless help in organising the exhibition, and Gyöngyi Bánházi, painter and photographer from Margitta, for her birthday.

The opening ceremony featured a performance by the ensemble leader of the Duo Varadiensis from Oradea, the viola player Sándor József Thurzó, who performed his own arrangement of the folk song “Lajos Kossuth said…”, Árpád Balázs – “I will be a tree…” (a poem by Sándor Petőfi, in honour of the Year of Petőfi) and Sándor Bihari – “Ave Maria”.

At the end of the event, photographer Andrea Fórián performed Ákos Dutka’s poem – Song of the Carpathians with musical accompaniment. The opening of the exhibition was preceded by the inaugural meeting of the Hungarian Photographic Society of the Carpathian Basin.

At the event, István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP, Oradea-based photographer, ceremonially presented Dr. Csaba Szabó Pál, Executive President, with the FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Artists) medal, recognised by UNESCO.

Posters of the Carpathian Basin online technical and photography course

Pictures from the exhibition in Szeged