Seasons in Carpathian Basin exhibition opening in Debrecen after Oradea on the Day of National Cohesion, on June 4th.

The exhibition titled “Seasons in the Carpathian Basin” was opened on Sunday, June 4, 2023, at the Partium House in Debrecen, in the spirit of national cohesion, organized by the Euro Foto Art International Association from Oradea and the Carpathian Basin Hungarian Photography Society (KMFT) from Szeged.

The exhibition, held under the auspices of the International Federation of Photographic Art recognized by UNESCO, was first inaugurated on April 6, 2023, at the EFA Exhibition Center in the medieval castle of Oradea, in the Mezey Lajos exhibition hall.

The event was attended by the two great-grandchildren of the first photographer of Oradea: Anna Kiss from Debrecen and Dr. András Mezey from Budapest. The newly inaugurated impressive frames showcased the works of Barát Attila (SRB), Bánházi Gyöngyi (Partium), Cseke Sándor (Partium), Csíki János (Partium), Demjén Zsolt (Transcarpathia), Dobán Dorina (Transcarpathia), Erdélyi Olivia (Southern Hungary), Fábián Gergely (Upper Hungary), Gombár Mária (Central Hungary), Hátszegi Csaba (Transylvania), Héjja Árpád (Transylvania), Jusztin László (Southern Hungary), Kassza Árpád (Southern Hungary), Kenéz Emese-Katalin (Partium), Kertész Hajnalka (Transylvania), Kóródi Patricia (Transcarpathia), Kovács Orsolya (Partium), Labancz István (Transylvania), László Tünde (Transylvania), Morvay-Szabó Edina (Partium), Ótos András (Southern Hungary), Paneszová Karin (Upper Hungary), and Ürge Mátyás (Transcarpathia).

The numerous audience present in Debrecen was greeted by the Partium House, belonging to the Hungarian Houses Network Nonprofit Ltd., and then István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP, the deputy chairman of KMFT, exemplified what national cohesion means to him and to the participating photographers, referring to the online technical and photographic course of the Carpathian Basin he led in 2021.

István Stanik, the professional director of the Hungarian Houses Network Nonprofit Ltd., spoke about the importance of our national cohesion, saying, “It is our everyday mission to strengthen the consciousness of national cohesion in the practice of everyday life.” He continued by stating that the opening exhibition also conveys the message that the distinctive Hungarian landscapes, villages, historical buildings, and church towers in the united regions of the Carpathian Basin are interconnected, and the photographers who capture them, whom he mentioned by name, are natives of these regions.

The selection of 40 works of art photography can be viewed at the Partium House for one month.