Opening of the exhibition Seasons in the Carpathian Basin

The Exhibition Centre of the Euro Foto Art International Association was inaugurated in the E ground floor wing of the Medieval Castle of Oradea on 6 April 2023 at 15:30, with the participation of the Mayor of Oradea Florin Birta, represented by the Deputy Mayor Mrs. Nica Antonia and the two great-granddaughters of the city’s first photographer Lajos Mezey: Anna Kiss from Debrecen and Dr. András Mezey from Budapest.

The inauguration ceremony was interrupted by the unveiling of a plaque on the wall of Lajos Mezey’s house in Pavel Street in an unusual April snowfall. Afterwards, guests visited (a word that should be replaced) the memorial monument inaugurated in 2020 on the Walk of Personalities of the Rulikowszki Cemetery, which was unveiled during the epidemic, and decorated with a bronze portrait by the distinguished sculptor Árpád Deák Nagyvárad.

The inauguration ceremony of the newly inaugurated exhibition of the winning works of the Carpathian Basin Hungarian Photographic Society (KMFT), a member of the Szeged-based Carpathian Basin Institute, and the International Association of Euro Foto Art (EFA), which was organised by the Carpathian Basin Hungarian Photographic Society (KMFT) and the International Association of Euro Foto Art (EFA), took place at the inauguration ceremony of the newly inaugurated exhibition in the Mezey Lajos Gallery. The 130 shortlisted and prize-winning works were exhibited in double-sided picture frames on the walls of the Gallery and the adjacent István Vilidár Gallery and in display cases facing the inner courtyard of the medieval castle.

Attila Barát (Southern Region), Gyöngyi Bánházi (Partium), Sándor Cseke (Partium), János Csíki (Partium), Zsolt Demjén (Carpathian), Dorina Dobán (Carpathian), Olivia Erdélyi (Southern Region), Gergely Fábián (Felvidák), Mária Gombár (Hungary), Csaba Hátszegi (Transylvania), Árpád Héjja (Transylvania), László Jusztin (South), Árpád Kassza (South), Emese-Katalin Kenéz (Partium), Hajnalka Kertész (Transylvania), Patricia Kóródi (Transcarpathia), Orsolya Kovács (Partium), István Labancz (Transylvania), Tünde László (Transylvania), Edina Morvay-Szabó (Partiék), András Ótos (Southern Hungary), Karin Paneszová (Felvidék) and Mátyás Ürge (Southern Hungary) can be viewed on the EFA website:

The awards ceremony took place at 6 pm in the Matei Stegean Gallery of the Exhibition Centre, where two Transylvanian award winners, Hajnalka Kertész from Odorheiu Secuiesc and Csaba Hátszegi from Homoródszentpali, received the Gold and Silver Prizes of Károly Pap Szathmári from the EFA President and Vice President of the EFA, István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP photographer.

Musical moments of the inauguration ceremony were provided by the representative of the “Duo Sola Fide” Community and Cultural Association, violist Sándor József Thurzó: Ciprian Porumbescu, ”Balada”, Michael Haydn, Ave Regina”, Liszt Ferenc ”Romance oubliée”, G. Puccini ”Requiem”, Bihari Sándor ”Ave Maria”, Robert Schumann”Träimerei, J Berthier ”Laudate omnes gentes” (Psalm 117) alkotásait adta elő.

The exhibition, organised under the auspices of the UNESCO-recognised International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), is open until 17 May 2023, from 16:00 to 20:00 on weekdays.

The exhibition will go on tour and will be shown in several towns and villages in the Carpathian Basin!