Opening of an exhibition by two photographers from Partium, one hour apart

On Friday, 21.07.2023, the opening of the exhibition of two photographers from Paros took place in the galleries of the Euro Foto Art Exhibition Centre in the Medieval Castle of Oradea.

Opening of the first solo exhibition of Zoltán Tímár, photographer from Margittai (Partium), member of the Carpathian Basin Hungarian Photographic Society (KMFT) d.u. The opening ceremony of the first exhibition of the author’s first photographic work started at 5 p.m. in the presence of the author and his family at the Vilidár István Gallery in the presence of a large audience, which was welcomed by István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP the President of Euro Foto Art (AIEFA) and the Vice-President of the Carpathian-Mdence Hungarian Photographic Society, István Tóth, who gave a special welcome speech to the author on the occasion of his upcoming 50th birthday.

“I was very pleased to meet my artist friend Gábor Papp from Margittai when he asked me to review the works of Zoltán Tímár, a photographer from Margittai. After reviewing the portfolio, I immediately concluded that the author was surrounded by an artistic environment, which stimulated him to consciously create. I found out afterwards that the culprits were photographer Lajos Pósán and painter Gábor Papp from Margitta.”

István Tóth, AFIAP, ESFIAP, KMFT Vice President

Afterwards, the exhibiting photographer underlined in his speech that the best present he could have received on the occasion of his 50th birthday was his first solo exhibition, and thanked the organizers for the exhibition opportunity.

Afterwards, photographer István Tóth was presented with the AIEFA Patronage Diploma.

The exhibited works:

Pictures from the opening:

The opening of the second exhibition took place an hour later, at 6 pm, at the Matei Stegerean gallery, where the solo exhibition of János Csíki Hegyközpályi (Partium) , KMFT member Vatican was opened in the presence of the author and a large audience, who was also welcomed by István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP curator in an Italian setting.

The works created in and around the Vatican, with the musical lyrics of the Italian composers, will transport the audience to a different environment, István Tóth clarified, and then he presented János Csíki, photographer, with the AIEFA Patronage Certificate.

Afterwards, the exhibiting photographer spoke to the audience about his creative experiences.

The exhibited works:

The musical atmosphere of the opening of the exhibitions was set by József Sándor Thurzó, viola player from Oradea, representing the “Sola Fide” Community and Cultural Association, who performed at the first opening Zsolt Lászlóffy’s “Pârâul ascuns” and Hilda Jerea’s “Din drâmboaie”, both transcribed for bass violin, and Zoltán Kodály’s Bicinia nr. 18, arranged by Sérgio Kuhlmann.

At the second opening, Enrico Toselli’s “Serenade”, Acchille Simonetti’s “Madrigale”, Antonio Lotti’s “Aria Pur dicesti”, Mathilde C. Marchesi’s “Ave Maria” were performed by the artist transcribed for low violin, and Giacomo Puccini’s “Requiem” transcribed for solo low viola.

At the end of the openings, the names of the winning participants were drawn in a draw of lots to win the albums published by Euro Foto Art Publishing, including the album My Settlement illustrated with the works of the Carpathian Basin online technical and photographic art course graduates!

The exhibition will also be shown for a month on the screens of Oradea’s modern public transport vehicles. The live exhibition can be seen at the “István Vilidár” Gallery daily from 08:00 to 20:00 until August 10th, while the second one can be seen at the “Matei Stegerean” Gallery daily from 16:00 to 20:00 until August 10th, also on working days, and admission is free!

Pictures from the opening: