International Online Photography Exhibition Opening 27 march 2021

“My settlement”

The ‘Euro Foto Art’ International Association (EFANE), in partnership with the Carpathian Basin Institute in Várpalota, is organizing a free Hungarian-language technical and photo art course in the first semester.

The training is attended by photography enthusiasts living in Hungarian settlements in the Carpathian Basin. At the end of the course, an international exhibition of works from the 100 graduates will be opened in Szeged in June 2021. The exhibition of photos from the first course graduates was opened in February in the ‘Ștefan Vilidár István’ Gallery (Building C) in the Prince’s Palace of the Medieval Castle of Oradea.

On Saturday, March 27th at 11 am, the opening of the exhibition of works from the graduates of the third online course (Group D) took place, with 19 graduates participating from Vojvodina, Transylvania, Upper Hungary, Carpathian Ruthenia, Partium, and Hungary (RO), including Veronika Belan (SK), Hunor Bíró (RO), János Dobó (HU), Orsolya Dobronay-Fenyvessy (HU), Kinga Gencs (SK), Katalin Hanics (HU), Árpád Kasza (SRB), Bernadette Kanyó (RO), Éva Kissák (SRB), Mária Lukács (RO), István Magdó (RO), Balázs Osváth (RO), Andrea Pénzes (RO), Karin Poneszová (SK). Szabina Szűcs (SRB), Karolina Tóth (SRB) and Tódor Varró (SRB).

The online event was greeted by István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP, a photo artist, the president of EFANE, and course leader.

Within the framework of the opening, 13 graduates spoke movingly to their course mates, thanking for the opportunity to participate in the free course and speaking appreciatively of the selfless work of the course leader!

The festive atmosphere of the opening was provided by József Sándor Thurzó, a viola artist and the leader of the “Duo Vardiensis” Chamber Group from Oradea, who performed Ana Magdalena BACH’s “Minué en Sol Mayor”, and the work titled “Old French Song”.

The opening was broadcast live on the International Association’s Facebook page: The exhibition can be viewed on the Association’s website until April 23, 2021.