International Online Photographic Art Exhibition Opening, 13 March 2021

“My settlement”

The ‘Euro Foto Art’ International Association, in partnership with the Carpathian Basin Institute in Várpalota, is organizing a free technical and photo art course in Hungarian for the first semester. The course is attended by photography enthusiasts living in Hungarian settlements of the Carpathian Basin.

At the end of the course, in June 2021, an international exhibition will be opened in Szeged, showcasing works of the 100 graduates. The first exhibition of photos from the graduates was opened in February in the ‘Ștefan Vilidár István’ Gallery (Building C) in the Princely Palace of the Medieval Castle in Oradea.

On Saturday, March 13th at 11 am, the opening of the exhibition of works from the graduates of the second online course took place, with 19 graduates participating from Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine.

The 70 exam pictures were made by Attila Andorkó (RO), Éva Bardocz (RO), Vivien Dobán (UA), Endre Farkas (RO), Gergely Fábián (SK), Éva Ferenczi (SK), Patricia Kóródi (HU), Mária Gál (HU), Réka Guzsvány (SRB), Csaba Hátszegi (RO), György-Ottó Kéri (RO), Hajnalka Kertész (RO), Andrea Kovács (RO), Orsolya Kovács (RO), Mária Jacina (UA), László Jusztin (SRB), Zsuzsanna Serege (HU), Attila Szalai (SRB), Mátyás Ürge (SK).

The online event was followed by 1,100 photography enthusiasts on the Facebook of the Euro Foto Art Association from all over the world.

The online audience was greeted by István Tóth AFIAP, a photo artist, the president of the ‘Euro Foto Art’ International Association, and the lecturer of the course.

During the transmission from the headquarters in the Princely Palace of the Medieval Castle in Oradea, two graduates from Oradea were present: Andrea Kovács and Orsolya Kovács.

Norbert Némethy, representative of the Partium House in Debrecen, spoke at the opening, highly appreciating the level of organization of the second course. Following him, 12 graduates from Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary, and Ukraine spoke, thanking the organizers for the opportunity to participate in the high-quality course free of charge.

All graduates will receive their Diplomas by mail, issued in English, Slovak, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, and Ukrainian languages.

The works of the participants can be viewed on the website of the International Association:

Photos by: János Csíki.