KMFT Creative Camp 2024

Várpalota – Nagy-Magyarország Park

1.- The Carpathian Basin Institute in Szeged, in partnership with the Euro Foto Art International Association (EFANE) in Oradea, Hungary, is organizing a three-day free art camp in the Great Hungary Park 2024, between 20 – 22 September, for 20 participants of the Hungarian Photographic Society of the Carpathian Basin (KMKT). The organizers will provide accommodation for two nights and 2 meals including breakfast, 2 lunches and 2 dinners.

2.- Transport costs are to be paid by the participants.

3.- The programme of the camp will be organised by the organisers.

4.- In addition to the 5-member organizing team:

– 3 persons from Inner-Hungary,

– 3 persons from Transylvania,

– 3 persons from Felvidék,

– 3 persons from Southern Hungary,

– 2 persons from Transcarpathia,

– 1 person from Partium.

    5.- Priority for registration for the creative camp will be given to those who did not participate in the 2023 camp in Obece (South) and to those who have contributed to KMFT projects through their permanent voluntary work.

    6.- All other applications will be considered in order of subscription.