Creations of KMFT members at the MAFOSZ competition

The National Association of Hungarian Photographic Artists has announced a photo competition for its member organisations and their members under the name MAFOSZ Salon, in the form of a digital projection salon.

Its aim is to showcase the achievements of contemporary Hungarian photography by exhibiting the latest works of the photographic art groups. The 40th anniversary competition was open only to MAFOSZ member associations that had paid their 2023 membership fee by the submission deadline.

Each member organisation of the Association was allowed to submit one collection of up to 24 works, with a maximum of 3 images per author. Only palette works that had not been shown at the previous MAFOSZ Salon were eligible for the MAFOSZ Salon.

The Hungarian Photographic Society of the Carpathian Basin (KMFT) also took part in the competition, after the Carpathian Basin of Szeged paid the annual membership fee. The submitted works were selected jointly at the KMFT online meeting in June with the support of István Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP from Oradea, and then uploaded to the MAFOSZ website with the help of Norbert Hős, Secretary of the South Region. The judging will take place until the end of August. Until then, good luck to all participants!

Here are the entries: